United Shoe Recycling Company

Any shoes that are left behind by our customers we bag up to be collected by United Shoe Recycling Company.


United Shoe Recycling Company is dedicated to encourage people to dispose of their shoes and clothing responsibly, by recycling through use of their bright and distinctive Banks & Containers placed at many locations across UK.



First Mile Recycling

We started using first mile back in 2017 as they really believe in environment and recycling.


The waste industry can be a dirty business, but to First Mile it's a source of inspiration.

They set out in 2004 on a mission to revolutionise waste and recycling for businesses. Along the way they've pioneered some awesome technology, to help deliver a hassle-free, reliable service that is good for customers and the planet.

They believe in a world where everything can be recycled, so go out of their way to find creative solutions; only items that can’t currently be salvaged go to waste, where they generate Green Energy.