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The Best Men's Derby

A less formal leather lace up, the Derby is characterised by quarters with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp. This construction is known as open lacing, compared to the closed version of the Oxford.

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The Best Men's Oxfords

The most formal and elegant of the shoe types, the Oxford distinguishes itself by an closed lace system. The eyelets for the shoe laces are generally located on the quarters — that part of the shoe uppers that wrap around the heel and meet the vamp (the shoe uppers that cover the toes and instep in the middle of the foot).

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Best Men’s Dress Shoes to Own Your Next Business or Formal Adventure

Even today, you can still tell a gentleman by his shoes. Whether deliberate or not, one’s choice in leather dress shoes – Oxford, Derby, monk or brogue – can still point the way to a man’s character: is he stylish or not? Because quality and aesthetically on-point dress shoes can cover a multitude of fashion sins. And done cheaply, pleather knock-offs with a square toe cap can undo hundreds of dollars invested in a made-to-measure suit. Seeing the importance of getting it right? Stepping you in the right direction, we’ve uncovered the best dress shoes and brands for men in 2019. And, with the help of two knowledgable luxury footwear experts, you’re about to discover the do’s and don’ts of men’s dress shoes. Hint: it’s all about quality...

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